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Elizabeth Vienneau Recording Secretary

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June M. Dowad

Mike J. Franks

Constance T. Gavin

Bernice Gershon

Carolyn Gordon

Hekmet Hekmetraven

Jeffrey Hyland

Alan Iezman

Richard Kahn

Kenneth J. Kay

Judith T. Linde

Phyllis C. Parvin

Randy Simon

Marjorie Lord Volk

In 1955, Paul Trousdale bought the land, originally part of the Doheny ranch orange groves, that was to become Trousdale Estates.

Shortly thereafter, he convinced the City of Beverly Hills to annex this property into Beverly Hills and his construction company started to grade the lots and build on them. Trousdale Estates was created with 532 original lots and an Architectural Committee established criteria for building homes in the area. The findings of the Architectural Committee were strictly enforced -- for instance, a roof that was two inches too high had to be completely removed. Once the original homes were built, the Architectural Committee was disbanded.

In 1981, homes began to be remodeled in ways that started to destroy the character of the neighborhood, including homes that blocked views and unsightly hanging decks. Residents also had some concerns about other issues such as preventing any increase of crime in the area. At that time, the Trousdale Estates Homeowners Association was formed to respond to these issues. We are a California Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation with bylaws that were amended and renewed in 1991.

In 1987, the Trousdale Estates Homeowners Association worked with the City of Beverly Hills to enact the Trousdale Ordinance, which was supported by the overwhelming majority of the residents, and still protects the area today. The Trousdale Ordinance has become a permanent part of the City of Beverly Hills Building Code, and is a model that is used by other cities throughout the nation.

Trousdale Estates Homeowners Association

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